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[FE] Lon'qu X Reader: Fear
   Ever since the day that silent warrior Lon’qu came and joined Chrom’s army, you were the one to gossip about him with the girls every time you set up camp or found spare time before retiring for the night. You were quite intrigued by him, that steely silence and bold demeanor drawing you in with a desire to get to know him even more. Through the many little gossip sessions you had, over time you eventually learned that the poor soul had gynophobia: a strong fear of women. This fact piqued your interest, and eventually you decided you were going to figure out why this was so. That, or try to make him less afraid by getting close to him. That was going to be a bit difficult considering you were a woman yourself, and he has only been in this army for roughly a month.
    Regardless of all that was said of his fear and preference of people to be around, you slowly eased your way into his life by carefully selecting times to be around him, aimin
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[FE] Gaius X Reader: Thievery
    Gaius was extremely good at doing what he loved the most: stealing… Candy. Admittedly his hobby sucked, but he took pride in it, and even utilized that talent of theft very well on the battlefield. Stealing candy still took a much higher priority over that though. Something Gaius didn’t know though, was that you were in fact even better at the art of thieving when it came to candy. After he refused to share his candy stash with you, you set out on a mission; a mission for candy. You were a tactician after all, and tricks were definitely your forte.
    Every single night you went and stole a part of his candy stash for yourself, Gaius noticing the very next morning every single time with a look of both confusion and slight rage. This went on for a solid week until one day Gaius snapped, discovering that his best bonbons had gone missing. He stormed around the camp, demanding knowledge of the whereabouts of his bonbons to anyone within
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Coby X Reader: Hold Your Hand
    Your most recent mission was given out this morning, the assignment involving getting sent out to check and clear out the battle grounds of a recent breakout of fights; large enough to even be considered a small war. Having been on the boat to that said island for a few hours now, you finally arrived and seen people already documenting papers for the news, the coast of the island showing copious amounts of destruction for just the edge. Finally docking, you left the ship with Coby at your side, him being sent with you for safety measures since Helmeppo was covered in other forms of work back at Marineford. Nodding to subordinates, you walked on through the main town with Coby, death and carnage around to disturb you at every turn.
    You shivered, the sights around you making you feel uneasy. “This is the part of my job I hate. Seeing all these innocents scattered like this…” You commented, earning a nod from Coby. You then scof
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[FE] Niles X Reader: Innuendos
   “For the LOVE OF THE GODS, NOT AT THE DINNER TABLE!” You hollered, staring down a certain white-haired archer as you spoke.
    You were of course referring to Niles, him being the root of both of some people’s annoyance and other’s amusement. He had been making an incredibly large amount of sexual jokes the whole time dinner has been on and didn’t even flinch at your scolding, showing no hesitation to continue making even more. Even after your warning, he went headfirst into another bad joke, of course starting off with Camilla.
    Niles referenced Lady Camilla’s breasts as a food hammock, catching every crumb that he described as wanting to fly free. He made a deep throat joke when Silas stuck a spoon down his throat just far enough to make the joke happen, and continued on with obnoxious moaning sounds every time he had a spoonful of a sweet desert. You shot him a dirty look, clearly unamused
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Caesar Clown X Reader: Tease
    Working in the lab often flipped between being the best part of your day to the most obnoxious part of your day. It was because of Caesar, the big boss of the place and his awkward attitude. It was often a joy to work with him and his endless amounts of information, but he was also excruciatingly annoying as well. Almost every moment he could, he would tease you while you worked in so many different ways that you lost count on the many methods of annoying you he went about doing. Today was no exception to his constant motive to mess with you, already plotting what he was to do in the very near future.
    Already hard at work in the lab, you were heavily concentrated on mixing a special chemical that he had requested earlier, knowing better than to fuck up an order made by the master. Carefully mixing the last measurements in via a pipette, you pulled out the flask and corked it, a swirling green aqueous solution glistening up to the hundred-milli
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 8 5
Giorno X Reader: Stealing
    There was nothing quite like being in a gang. You got to kick ass, look cool, and a shit ton of money and perks came with the gig too. But, even if you were in a gang, in a literal drug war between the mafia with supernatural beings fighting by your side, you absolutely would not have any of that stealing shit if it wasn’t necessary or justified. It wasn’t your thing to go around stealing shit for fun, but it sure as hell was Giorno’s thing; that was for sure.
    Speaking of Giorno, on a simple walk you and the gang took to gather information, he had managed to snatch six wallets and a bit of food along the way, you catching every little swipe with your quick eyes. Waiting until the poor victims were out of sight, then turned on Giorno to give him a good scolding.
    “Giorno what the fuck?!” You scolded in a slightly raised voice, furrowing your brows as you made eye contact with the blonde.
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 7 2
Usopp X Reader: Love Struck
   Chopper’s heart eyes in this moment could rival Sanji’s, popping so far out of his sockets you thought they might leave his skull. You could only giggle at the image though, considering that this was only occurring because of the lovely doe mink tribe member assisting him in his medicinal work. It was adorable, and hilarious in your eyes, but Usopp seemed to go into a panic when he seen the situation before him.
    “_______, why is Chopper frozen, pink, and have heart eyes bigger that Sanji’s?!” Usopp half stammered and half screeched. “Is he sick? Will he die?”
    Hearing that, you blinked and snorted, taking a pause before laughing out loud at his ridiculous questions. “No, he’s not sick you dork! He’s love struck.” When Usopp gave you a confused look in response to your reasoning, you continued with a small smile. “He’s so immediately stuck with love u
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 26 5
Jotaro X Reader: Stardust
    It was another one of those nights that ha to be spent out in the middle of nowhere, nothing but vast layers of sand extending out in all visible directions around you. The dim light of the small fire provided the warmth the warmth to help you through the cold that deserts often brought, sleeping bags circling the small fire that were filled with resting forms. You were not among those forms though, instead sitting in the sand at the edge of the fire’s glow, staring up at the stars. You figured you were the only one awake among the group, until a subtle shift of the sand behind you told you otherwise. Jotaro was the one who disturbed the sand, him sitting down next to you and answering your silent question.
    “The stars are beautiful tonight, aren’t they?” Jotaro said coolly, gazing up at the sky as well.
    You scoffed with a small grin, amused by his choice of a starting sentence. “Indeed. The
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Yoosung X Reader: All I See
    Yoosung was… Simply the greatest person to have ever walked into your life. Being unexpectedly lead to that apartment and opening that messenger was probably the best accident to have ever happened as well. Meeting everyone, meeting Yoosung, has been the greatest blessing. Everything the young blonde has ever said to you was always so sweet with the best intentions, and his words managed to get even sweeter when he came to terms with his past pains of Rika.
    Seeing him for the first time at the RFA party really sealed the deal on this man you had fallen for, your first ever interactions being the sweetest of kisses. He matured so quickly, and from the second you were able to rest your hands on him, you were proud to be able to call him your boyfriend. Yoosung had said that everything he’s ever done was for you, to make you proud and keep you safe, eventually getting his Ph.D.  which made you the most excited and proud woman in
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 15 1
Okuyasu X Reader: School Dance
   Once again by popular demand, the high school of Morioh-cho is hosting another late-night school dance. No, it’s not a prom, but a shitty dance based thematically around the northern lights. A prom would’ve been preferable, considering there would be decoration clichés all over the place and poorly dressed teenagers stinking up the school gym; their refusal to bathe properly only increasing the stench like every gym class or school assembly. You really didn’t want to go to this event, emphasizing how much you loathed the idea to your friends Josuke, Okuyasu, and the others when they began to talk about attending. But, since they were the kind of people that they were, you were relentlessly pestered until the sounds of their screeching made you cave in and agree to go.
    That process brought you to where you were now, standing in the school gym pressed up against the wall near the food table. Music was blasting, and everyone was
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 13 2
Polnareff X Reader: Smoking
   The sun rose once again, bringing an early rise for you and the guys on your crazy long trip into Egypt. Everyone had gone down for breakfast already, and Polnareff outside for a smoke. Briefly taking the time to grab a water you followed him out, watching him light and puff his first cigarette of the day. You scoffed at that, catching his attention as he looked up and greeted you with a wave.
    “Smoking so early in the morning?” You started off, raising a brow as you stood in front of him.
    “Tis a routine.” He replied casually, puffing a cloud of smoke into the already hot morning air.
    “Tis a terrible routine. Smoking is bad as hell for you, you know that right?” You chastised. “You could end up with lung cancer at any moment.”
    “Pfff, that couldn’t possibly happen to me!” He said with confidence, that soon turned t
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 9 0
Zen X Reader: Frizz
    It was barely morning. More like early afternoon considering how high the sun was in the sky and how the alarm clock now read double digits. The alarm clock wasn’t the reason for your awakening though. The lack of presence in the bed next to you was the main reason, followed by frustrated grumbled coming from the bathroom. It was easy to deduce that Zen was in there due to his lack of presence in the bed, but the reason why he sounded so frustrated was beyond your understanding.
    Rising, you paced over to the bathroom to go and see what was going on. When you slowly pushed the door open a bit, Zen became aware of your presence and made attempts to close the door before you could come in. He seemed to be too far from though judging by the cursing and weak push back in the opposing direction. Now swaying to the effort though, you went inside and came to the sight of Zen standing there looking enraged with a brush, hairdryer, and hair undone
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Buggy X Reader: Tough Guy
   It was just another day of sailing around aimlessly on the ship of the Buggy Pirates, the usual activity taking place on the deck under the afternoon sun. That usual activity was technically your captain Buggy screaming at all his subordinates as he was right now, telling them to do something significant. Here, the rowdy and unusual seemed to just be the usual.
    “Get off your asses and get the hell to work!” Buggy screamed at the top of his lungs, half dressed himself from sleeping in. He had no hat on, hair pulled back in a lazy ponytail, and his clothes were still wrinkled all over him from lack of effort. He somehow found the time to do his makeup though. His priorities were sure straightened out. “Move!”
    “Oh shut up!” You called out to him, a snarky little smirk on your face as you watched him bounce around giving orders.
    He whirled around to face you with narrow
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 13 3
Usopp X Reader: Change
   So much has happened in your life, with many huge changes. You became a pirate, got into the Grand Line, and now, travelling the New World. You’ve come so far with these crazy changes in your life, but none of them were quite as impactful as one specific event that lead to the biggest changes of all: the two years you and everyone in the Straw Hat crew spent away from each other. Those two years caused major changes, some of which could be specifically directed between you and a certain sniper.
    “Yo, Usopp!” You called out across the deck, approaching the said man.
    Usopp looked up from absently staring out to sea, pleasantly greeting you as you came over. “Yo! What’s up?”
    “Not much. Just thinking. Thinking about this huge adventure, the New World, all that stuff. How we got here is amazing.” You spoke up brightly.
    “Yeah, it i
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 19 7
Toyohiro Kanedaichi X Reader: Trust
    You were just out on your usual afternoon stroll, wandering the fields near the outskirts of Morioh as you veered from the dirt path meant to be followed. You were feeling adventurous, so why not take to unknown trails to make your afternoon interesting. Getting lost was your favourite part of the day since you had your own place now.
    Skirting through tall grass you soon came by a stream, one of the old abandon transmission towers standing tall ahead of you. There really was nothing out here other than the tower, so you just stopped and stared in hopes of finding a new and interesting direction to go. Something caught your eye though. Smoke… A plume of smoke was rising from one side of the tower, thin and white. Confused, you focused on that spot with squinted eyes, attempting to try and see what the hell that smoke was coming from. You couldn’t exactly tell but you did make out a clothes line, instilling even more confusion upon y
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 5 4
Dio X Reader Drabbles: Creatures of The Night [05]
    It was yet another fine evening to be spending with your lover Dio; or rather morning according to your schedule. Having woken up you both drained a fresh victim for blood, having not eaten since about a week ago. From there you both ended up sitting around and chatting, talking about whatever came to your mind. It was moments like these that you enjoyed the most with him, and the conversation took an interesting turn when a large spider crossed through your line of sight.
    “Ew! Gross! Look at how huge that frickin’ spider is!” You spoke abruptly, tone becoming a little louder upon noticing it.
    “Hmm? _______, It’s not that big. Totally harmless to us.” Dio chuckled, shooing the black arachnid away.
    “Yeah but it’s still gross. Like bats and wolves. They all freak me out, lurking about and stuff.” You grumbled.
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So I asked out the guy I like after he flirted very obviously for a solid week and now I have been rejected indirectly and he refuses to look/speak with me and say it to my fucking face because also "relationships are a waste of time" I was told so um yeah whatever depression I was in is 20x worse and I would appreciate a dic of so character I love please n thnx I'm kind crying a lot right now.

Characters I like are literally all jojo, Usopp, guzma, Niles, GHIRAHIM fucking etc. I can't even think of the characters I love anymore. I don't want to feel anymore. I hate feelings. Feelings are fucking stupid I should never have them.

M sorry guys I ranted I shiuldnt do that m sorry ignore this bye


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